In-Process Quality and Preventative Maintenance

It is Electrotek’s philosophy that quality is manufactured into our product and possible failures must be identified as early in the process as possible. Equipment maintenance and in-process inspection points are pivotal in achieving the exceptionally high quality product manufactured at Electrotek.

In-Process Inspection


  • Incoming laminate is inspected for foil and dielectric thickness.
  • Incoming pre-pregs are pressed and categorized by lot number and press thickness.
  • First article AOI inspections on all layers.
  • AOI is performed on all signal layers, certain power / ground layers as well as mixed signal / planes.
  • 100% thickness verification post lamination.
  • X-ray pre-drill to optimize drilling accuracy.
  • Post drill X-Ray to monitor material movement utilizing XACT PCB Linear and Non-linear scale prediction software.
  • In-process micro-sections (as is and stressed) performed per manufacturing lot (Per Panel on Mil and Class III)
  • X-Ray fluorescence measurements after final finish plate.

Preventative Maintenance (PM)

  • PM is performed by time and or use related basis as deemed by specific piece of equipment.
  • Equipment is maintained on a database with PM frequencies indicated as documented in the PM procedure for each individual piece of equipment.
  • A database printout at the beginning of each week indicates the equipment due for maintenance to schedule the required tasks.
  • All performed maintenance is recorded on hard copy and database formats with the database being the governing document.